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this is probably my favorite quote

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Chickens for Zooz

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Thank you Otter

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Its a good club

i’m bringing this back ok?

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So things haven’t been very great in the financial area lately so I decided to open up commissions again.

So like usual extra characters are $1
All SFW commissions will be accepted and I will not be drawing NSFW
(I will accept blood and gore but i will not draw anything sexual)

Any purchase will be done through paypal (only way I will accept payment) so please do not send me the money until we have discussed the commission first.
I’m still new with making commission so please contact me if you have any problems or want my paypal.

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You sure? Well, if it’d make you uncomfortable, okay, I won’t! But if you’re ever in need, and it’s within my means, I’m more than willing!

It would make me very uncomfortable but thank you for the kind offer anyway its very nice of you!

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dungeonmaster11 replied to your post: ballsyfelix: neasura: someone should…

I could make a donation tomorrow! It’d be relatively small, but still! :0


seriously don’t give me money!